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greets from work again 
27th-Aug-2008 04:42 pm
My new store manager is goofy as hell and sings Elvis at work and imitates the voice of Mr. Haney from Green Acres all the time. I'm going to Beyond the Beat! This means I'll be in California again, woo. The way I arranged my fligth was that I'd end up leavign at night... but the only way to accomplish that was to leave TUESDAY NIGHT AT 10PM SO I WOULDN'T HAVE TO SPEND OVER $1,000 TO GET AN EVENING FLIGHT OUT.

Anyway, this means I get to spend an extra two days in California with Rita's parents and brother since she's in college, which might be a little awwwwkwaaaaaaarrrrd.

Hey, I just rang someone up who told me a story about how she lost some porkchops in the back of her trunk. "Porkchops!"

Also, this Orbit Maui Melon Mint gum has too many flavors in it for me to determine whether or not it is actually good, but I had pizza for lunch and so it is nice to have.

Oh, but yeah, anyone who wants to maybe hang out on... Monday? (I think that's Sept. 21) I'll be in Northridge which is a little far for anyone I know reading this, I just don't really want to like... be hanging around Rita's parent's house for an extra two days doing nothing because I couldn't arrange a proper flight.

...and the porkchop lady left her debit card here, teehee.

Okay brb moon
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